Sue-Ann Bubacz

The Marketing Mirror

Sue-Ann Bubacz is a digital content strategist and writer/editor who works with best-selling authors, media personalities, and prominent artists to enhance their communication, elevate their influence, and transform their creative vision into tangible business results. As a boutique business owner for more than half of her life, Sue-Ann brings a ton of practical experience, marketing accolades, and business acumen to her professional writing project and creative work.

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The Marketing Mirror

Sue-Ann of Write Mix for Business brings you The Marketing Mirror, where every week, she’ll take you on a short journey to discover the secrets for creating Marketing Magic for YOUR business/brand. The Marketing Mirror promises to deliver insights, ideas, and strategies, simple to complex, to unravel marketing so you see what it really is– a profit-making dynamo, NOT a line cost on the expense side of your balance sheet. Join Sue-Ann; travel into The Marketing Mirror; and reflect on how you can easily improve your marketing to win more business. And maybe a few hearts… ONLY on 100TV.

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