Rob Greenlee

Trust Factor

Rob Greenlee is well-known in the podcasting and new media industry. He has been a podcaster/radio broadcaster for over 24 years and is considered a pioneer in the new media industry. Rob is also a former host of the WebTalk World Radio Show, where he interviewed notable guests, discussing a wide range of topics related to the Internet, technology, culture, and online communication. He oversaw content development, distribution, and partnerships in prior executive leadership roles at places like Microsoft, PodcastOne, Spreaker, and Libsyn. Rob was inducted into the Podcast Hall of Fame in 2017.

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Trust Factor

"Trust Factor" is a groundbreaking video show that focuses on all aspects related to building trust in human-to-human and business-to-human relationships. The show is hosted by Rob Greenlee, a seasoned professional with years of experience in media communication and business leadership, who brings his experience to this vital topic of our times.Each episode of the show delves into different aspects of trust-building, including the importance of trust in human relationships, communication strategies, ethics and integrity, conflict resolution, customer relationships, leadership, and more.

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