Melanie Falvey

Magnetic Visibility

Once cameraphobic, Dr. Melanie Falvey is the founder of Expert Channel TV Media. Named most outstanding international TV presenter of the year, 2022; an award-winning Visibility and Authority Strategist for high-end entrepreneurs and brands, Video confidence Activator, Online communications specialist, Women empowerment Coach and Humanitarian. She is half-British; half-Spanish and a global citizen at heart. She helps entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and brands become visible on TV and social media so they can become International leaders making a bigger impact and bringing their mission to life

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Magnetic Visibility

"Magnetic Visibility" with Melanie Falvey, award-winning TV host, Branding and Visibility Strategist, founder of Expert Channel TV. An empowering journey of magnetic branding and communication.Unlock your inner power to captivate your audience. Learn how to tap into your potential, speak your truth, and show up magnetically online. Learn the keys to developing a resonating brand and mastering captivating communication. Let Melanie empower you to unleash your magnetic presence, create an engaging online brand, and achieve extraordinary results. Magnetize your audience and leave a digital mark!