Marco Novo

The Branding Show

Portuguese, marketing professional, who accidentally discovered live streaming in 2015. This was "love at first live". My guts told me this will be "my thing". Since then, I worked everywhere, becoming a content creator, Amazon influencer, and remote live producer, and helping people to embrace the power of live streaming. Also, recently, I became a "Santiago de Compostela" pilgrim.

June Premieres 🎬 100TV

The Branding Show

What is branding? It is what people think and say about you when you're not in the room. This show will help you to gather your best skills, and personality traces, and become a person who is reminded and recognized. But not just you as a professional, this could be applied also to your company, and your products. Turning a name, an image, into something people know, trust, and loves its something that you should aim for.