Claudia Santiago


Claudia Santiago is a Chilean born, Canadian int’l recording artist, entertainer, entrepreneur. She is a seasoned professional performer at local, national and international live events with extensive touring, tv, radio and media appearances. Claudia’s expertise also extends as a strong online entertainer, brand influencer and speaking talent. She hosts and produces live stage and online shows. She has an incredible life story as a survivor of a civil war, life threatening disease and other extenuating life circumstances that bring an undeniable depth to her artistry and entrepreneurship.

June Premieres 🎬 100TV


VIVA-LA-STAGE! is an interactive show that is entertaining, encouraging and empowering! Claudia Santiago, host and performer, brings you musical entertainment from her live stage concerts with each episode highlighting a different genre. Parts of this show also features some behind the scenes of her studio and concerts, international travels with multi-cultural and language delights, guest artists, comedy, and even some life & career encouragement, insights and empowerment! Take a break in your busy day, grab your favourite bevy, refresh & enjoy!