YouTube or Bust: NEW Creative Partnership Starts its Journey LIVE

 YouTube or Bust: NEW Creative Partnership Starts its Journey LIVE

The 100TV Network is off and running in a surprising turn of events, going LIVE for its first meetup as a creative partnership to begin this unique endeavor together. This collaborative new network is possibly the very first of its kind. 

Supporting the individual entrepreneurial creator by bringing them together as a single force of talent and covering a scope of high-demand topics audiences are sure to love, the formula for the 100TV creative partnership promises the possibility of powerful results for viewers and creators alike. 

With streaming programming of original content available to the viewer 24-7 (eventually), the network’s goal is to offer a single destination with inclusive programming for a wide range of viewer needs,

Adopting a shared revenue plan, the 100TV creators hope to combat the way massive ad money goes to a tiny number of influential superstars while smaller creators, the backbone of most platforms, are left out. For many, this premise is motivating enough after years of hard work and contributing content, often for little chance of scoring bigger sponsors. YouTube and others just aren’t all that worried about the small creator.

Meanwhile, small businesses are a powerful driver in the economy and exactly what many of the 100TV partners represent. 

What’s not to like (and perhaps support?) about small businesses consisting of talented creators collaborating and sharing resources in combination to rise to a more powerful unified network? A YouTube channel to serve viewers as a one-stop shop for original video shows. 

100TV aspires to be a place where viewers want to stay. Linger. Learn something. Feel better, laugh a little, get creative, think travel, find surprising stories or interviews, and imagine the future. 

Come on INside

We are thrilled to announce that professional voice actor Jodi Krangle is taking on the role of “Voice of the Brand” for 100TV. Jodi not only stands out as a top talent in the voiceover space, but she’s also a thought leader in the world of audio branding.

In the book 100 Livestreaming & Digital Media Predictions, Volume 3 by 100TV creator Ross Brand, Jodi writes about how a brand’s (audio) voice is a recognizable and often distinguishing asset for many businesses, similar to a logo design. For companies that do audio commercials for radio or podcasting, your brand voice is like a trademark for your company. 

(Side Note: Harley Davidson Motorcycles has a sound patent on their motor, one of the earliest for a sound.)   

100TV’s starting lineup of shows includes a rich mix of topics, hosted by creators who are well-respected in their specific industries. Here is what’s on the agenda so far (subject to change) for our Monday, May 1 launch:

  • Rob Greenlee, Trust Factor
  • Ross Brand, StreamLeader Report
  • Joie Gharrity, Red Carpet Guide to Branding & Marketing LIVE
  • Bridgetti Lim Banda, Books With Bridgetti 
  • Sue-Ann Bubacz, The Marketing Mirror
  • Rick Savoia, Drink with Rick Rewine
  • Marisa Cali, Resilient Events
  • Rebecca Gunter, Business in the Raw
  • Coach Jennie, Monday Morning Moxie
  • Nicole Sanchez, What You Need to Know… with Nicole
  • Lavonne Smith, Winning While Budgeting
  • Daniel Witzel, Where in the World

Expected to start their shows in June are Jim Fuhs with The Digital Frontier Show, Renee Hastings with Renee Speaks Golden Nuggets, and May King Tsang with The Power of #FOMO Show.

Get a Little Closer

Going LIVE for the launch planning meetings on YouTube was a big adjustment for many of the creators not used to discussing business and behind-the-scenes topics in front of an audience. Imagine being in their shoes? A major pillar of 100TV is our approach to sharing our network building and operations through livestreaming video. 

You can check out the meetings on the 100TV Network YouTube Channel. Planning a partnership of creatives LIVE is certainly not typical!

Transparency in following the behind-the-scenes efforts of putting together this creative partnership as smoothly, quickly, and professionally as possible and also doing so LIVE can get tricky – and we’re attempting to do it without ruffling any star feathers along the way! 

Interesting? Crazy? What’s your take?

“Egos Aside” is the name of the LIVE shows that open the door to a collaborative planning process. For projects that are moving at the speed of light, it’s hard enough with only one decision-maker, but adding voices from more than a dozen creative leaders can make some of the movement and decisions feel slow and heavy.

No matter how this goes, it’s an interesting concept and a brave experiment. Brand cohesion and personal goals working in unison are both objectives and challenges in this partnership effort. Keeping a healthy balance for the sake of embracing an audience-first approach to the programming, lineup, and operations overall is a BIG necessity. But how will it all work? Stay tuned.

This group of talented creators aspires to turn their combined content output into a destination station, offering go-to programming to solve a slew of audience needs and desires with quality, original 30- and 60-minute shows all in one place. People who love the independent creator spirit are going to appreciate the work behind this collaborative project. Did I say stay tuned?

Five Core Areas Identified by the Creative Partnership

Like any digital project, there are a lot of moving parts. Add to that a slew of opinions and ideas scattering across the board like leaves in a high wind! They’re hard to catch, float around haphazardly, with seemingly no apparent direction or organization, and sometimes they disintegrate.

Out of the discussions, specific operational needs were listed and then placed in categories to create core committees to work in smaller groups to get things done. Five core areas were identified for committees to handle the various operations/admin chores to pull 100TV together as a network and product.

  • Branding/Marketing/Core Messaging
  • Production/Video-Audio
  • YouTube Channel Management Topics
  • Website/Blog/Newsletter 
  • Monetization/Sponsorships/Advertising

Later added to these first areas of concentration, new committees are working on things in two more spaces:

  1. Talent (includes the Partnership Agreement)
  2. Social Media

Luckily we have talent on top of talent for most of these areas very well covered! 

The main thinking behind many of our arrangements is to maintain fairness to everyone involved, to handle operations professionally and meticulously, and to remain transparent and authentic in our doings. This just makes for better business, no matter what.

Questions More Than Answers?

Is this a viable concept? Will 100TV get sponsors for the network?

Will 100TV launch on their May 1st proposed date, or is that too ambitious of a goal?

Can any creative collab pull together all the components in a professional and streamlined manner for a polished and top-shelf effort this quickly? Will the creators still feel pride and excitement about helping to elevate the 100TV branding cohesively and inclusively?

Will simple key processes be set and in place in time?  

In a nutshell, will this group of talented creators achieve the success they’re hoping for, together and as individuals, producing original content to build something new, exclusive, and special enough to delight viewers and bring audiences back again and again? 

Sue-Ann Bubacz is a 100TV creative partner and the host of “The Marketing Mirror.”

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